Automatic fabric spreading &cutting machine (For woven fabric)

Item No.: BW-1600BSL/BW-1900BSL
BW series automatic spread machine started to cloth spread ,typesetting ,cutting in one special equipment to system integration
Description Specification
Suitable for cloth ,leather ,paper ,fabric or other material .Plate making layout CAD date .Spread the cloth .Cut out one machine to complete .PLC control module .Multi -point touch screen operation widow in Chinese and english .Can quick set spread cloth layer,length,cutting speed set operations.Such us using bucket roller of fabric design .can support up to 45cm in diameter .The wireless remote control and infrared sensors to ensure the running safety .
Widely use for soft furniture,interior and leather .

Model BW-1600BSL BW-1900BSL
Max spread width 1600MM 1900MM
Max spread height 200MM
Max spread speed             80M/MIN
Max cutting height 3-10MM(Base on different material )
Max cutting speed 8m/min
Cutting head Oscillating  knife 
Cutting power 9kw
Working temperature 0-45℃
Working humidity 10%-90% (no condensate )
Weight 450kg