Automatic woven fabric spreading machine (For woven fabric )

Item No.: BW-1600BSW/BW-1900BSW
Automatic fabric spreading machine special design for woven fabric
Description Specification Operation video
This machine is equip with PLC programmable computer control .Adopt advance touch screen operate .It is convenient to set the functions such as the fabric spreading type .length ,number of layers and speed .Can reduce the accident caused by the length setting and human negligence

Machine feathers :
A, LCD touch device: easy to set the length, mode, quantity, speed and paragraph.
B. Cloth device: It can adjust the distribution of the fabric according to the width and tension of the fabric, so that the fabric does not wrinkle.
C. Cuttering device: The cutting knife and the main machine can be easily disassembled and assembled. When the fabric is cut, the walking distance and cutting speed of the cutting knife can be set according to the cloth width. Folding device: can be used for one-way and round-trip.
D. Automatic cloth pre-loosening device: firstly release the cloth and release the spreading tension and maintain the consistency of the spreading quality.
E, electric eye automatic edge device: correctly detect the edge of the fabric, can automatically achieve the opposite edge during the spreading operation.
F, cloth tail sensor device: When the cloth is finished, the control host automatically stops the movement, and automatically completes the zero return of the origin and resets the fixed point.
Automatic ascending device: Set the amount of rise according to the thickness of the fabric to match the height of the spread. Emergency stop device: There are steel cables for shutdown on both sides of the cutting machine, which can pull the steel rope at any position at any time for emergency stop.


Model BW-1600BSW BW-1900BSW
Spreading width 1600MM 1900MM
Cloth pulling height 200MM 200MM
Maximum speed 80M/MIN 80M/MIN
Maximum diameter of cloth roll 400MM 400mm
Weight of cloth roll 50kg 50kg
Cutting table width 1830mm 2130mm
Cutting table height 700±30mm 700±30mm
Voltage 220V/50-60hz 220V/50-60HZ
Power 2.0KW 2.0KW
DIMENSION 1500*2170*750 1500*2470*750