Cloth king loosening and roller machine

Item No.: BW-2100ELS
Applies to knitting ,woven ,denim,can organize the messy textile .
Description Specification
1,Cloth King series cloth loose machine have the function of loose cloth, arrange cloth ,Roller cloth .
2,loose cloth speed can be stepless frequency control, loose cloth speed can be adjusted according to different cloth speed。
3,Roller and the control device has been adjusted, easy to operate, save labor
4,configuration the device for arrange the cloth.Can make the loosen cloth in order . avoid deformation in the process of spreading cloth
5,This machine has function of back roller cloth , can rollback problem of cloth
6,Before and after Fall prevention rod can rotate a certain angle to turned on and reset, easy to operate
7,Additional casters, convenient mobile display
8,Machine can be customized extended 80"and 90width, width of fabric for more, more to meet your production needs

Model BW-2100ELS
Fabric width 2080mm/82inch
Speed: 0-45M/min
power AC220V/50-60HZ
Dimension 2200*900*1100mm