Full automatic down filling machine

Item No.: G7
Automatic Down&Feather Filling Machine with high accuracy  and fast speed.
Description Specification Machine operation video
This machine is constructed by touch screen and controled by PLC to produce down products. The machine enables the improvement of the working efficiency. The reduction of the labor working intensity, and the improvement of the working environment.
  • Working based on high air pressure which is damage-free for the down , enables to keep the original softness & elasticity of the down effectively.
  • High quantitative precision and adjustable weighing error ranges according to the needs of the production.
  • Different weighing system works in a cycling pattern which guarantees the fast working speed.
  • Sophisticated censors are equipped, guarantees any weight requirements.
Model DS-1300ADN DA-2600ADN DS-1400ADN DS-2800ADN DS-1600ADN DS-2120ADN DS-2060ADN DS-4120ADN
Dimension of machine 2*0.85*2.05 2*0.85*2.05 2*0.85*2.05 2*0.85*2.05 2*0.85*2.1 2*0.85*2.05 2*0.85*2.05 2*0.85*2.05
Min working space 2.8*2.1 4.5*2.1 2.8*2.1 4.5*2.1 2.9*2.3 4.6*2.3 2.9*2.3 4.6*2.3
suit for
%50-90 down
Filling port 1 2 1 2 1 2 2 4
Down storage quantity 10kg 10kg 11kg 11kg 15kg 15kg 15kg 15kg
Single scales weighing range 0.2-25gram 0.2-25gram 0.2-15gram 0.2-15gram 0.2-15gram 0.2-15gram 0.2-15gram 0.2-15gram
Intelligent weighing range 0.2-60g 0.2-60g 0.1-60g 0.1-60g 0.1-60g 0.1-60g 0.2-40g 0.1-40g
Grade 0.01g
Accuracy ±3%
Power AC230V/50HZ
Max capacity 2.1kw 3kw 2.1kw 3kw 2.1kw 3kw 2.2kw 3.1kw
Air source 0.6-0.8MPA