Intelligent basket pushing line

Item No.: G8
All Strong U-type takt Basket push assembly line ,one of the intelligent data production computer control systems, is applicable to the production lines for garments and apparel products such as shirts, jeans sport suits, underwear, down coat, hat, bag, e
Description Operation mode Product advantages
Introduction :
The system integrates with advanced software and hardware technologies to solve the "Bottleneck" of enterprise during sewing process production, assist manager with online real-time balance optimization, data gap and other difficult problems, and increase 5%-30% production efficiency of enterprise All Strong U-type takt assembly line, a kind of production promotion system device, reaches the purpose of improving production efficiency by reasonable arrangement of process production. Moreover, thesystem has perfect communication network which achieves close contact among operator, manager and important customers so as to understand and monitor production situation timely. The system, which is designed according to the concept of"Unit Synchronous Flow", creates a standardized, efficient, orderly, tidy, safe and comfortable production environment with perfect combination of efficient production and management control for our customers

Manual mode: During operation of this mode the working positions of all online employees must be on line. The employees start synchronous operation together. The employee must press complete key on working position computer after finishing his own workstation process. Press Complete key for confirmation after last employee finishes work, and the assembly line starts operation(indicate to find bottleneck process rapidly and regulate production order quickly by this mode). That is to say, all online employees press complete key into next production takt. This mode is mainly used for transfer or process rebalance. It aims to visualize the balance situation of production line by sound and graphic device. Especially, it can expose the bottleneck process, so that manager and employees can pay attention to bottleneck process together. Moreover, it can create team cooperation atmosphere, assist and solve bottleneck so as to reach the purpose of balance and improving yield and efficiency Compared with the mode of traditional assembly line which compulsorily promotes operation of assembly line with fixed time, this mode is more humanized, reduces the conflict psychology of employees, greatly lowers threshold and management difficulty, and weakens the management ability of shift leader.

Full automatic modes :The assembly line in this mode will automatically operate after reaching the set takt time .it is operation will not be disturbed by any person .This mode is mainly adopted when the production line is completely balanced .And the cooperation in each aspect is very mature .It can maintain normal production order of employees .At this time the shift leader can concentrate on preparations for new styles .

Production advantages
1,U type flow make process and ranking convenient and simple .Production is available after understanding of production order .So that the manager can know the process and rankings without teacher

2,Multi layer design and classified placement of push basket enjoy easy access .Reduce the number of taking by employees and the waste of time in seeking cut parts

3,U type flow exposes problem timely .Has clear process and visualized management

4,Manual state balance production line rapidly .Improve production efficiency quickly .Reduce the waste of in payment and adapts to the trend of less quantity and more styles
5,Manual state assists in solving the exposed abnormal problems and guides shift leader .Supervisor .IE and other leaders to solve them timely .Including bottleneck unsteady equipment ,bad quality standardized work and material problem etc so as to clear away  obstacles early for improving efficiency .

6,Full automatic state assists manager in effectively managing employees .So that all the employees in the whole team can follow the established takt for orderly production to steadily increase yield

7,Easy to standardize and unify the behaviors of employees to achieve good habit and make seamless transfer possible .