Intelligent vertical inkjet plotter

Item No.: L6
Auri brand intelligent vertical Inkjet plotter
Description Technical parameter Operate video
Auri brand intelligent inkjet plotter .Adopt front paper load system .Invisible infared control system .Drived by high speed stepper motor dirver .Match with double spurts ink/HP ordinary HP45 type Ink cartridge
Machine Inkjet plotter
Model NO.   ST1800TPH ST-2000TPH ST-2200TPH
Print width   1800mm 2000mm     2200mm
SPEED  80m2/hour double         direction                                                                                                                            
160m2/hour double direction
Drive model  High speed stepper motor
DPI 150-300DPI
Media Max weight 50kgs
Type Coating paper,photo paper,pp paper,PVC,flex,banner,Canvas,Vinyl,Ecosolvent material etc.
Thickness 1.5mm--2.5mm
Ink Type Double spurts ink /HP 45 type /88 continuous ink supply     
Capacity 500 carriage & 1.5L ink tank
Command format HP-GL
Power supply Printer:AC220V-60HZ
Operational Environment Temperature:20℃-25℃  Humidity:40%-60%
Serial communication interface RS232U DISK output /USB connect /network printing
Buffer capacity 512mb
Display Chinese and english  setting ,self check ,LED display