PORTROIT intelligent ink jet plotter

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Ink jet plotter
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TW series double-jet ink jet plotter adopts the world-class HP45 type ink cartridge, and the ink head is disposable, requiring no special maintenance . High-performance POWER PC processor, fast operation, combined with the use of dedicated high-speed motor drive control system, full-range closed-loop positioning, high control accuracy, fast running speed, high resolution, independent of the complexity of graphics lines, uniform speed. Self-width detection before printing, ultra-wide prompt; automatic online automatic printing; machine abnormal shutdown error code prompt, real-time monitoring of various operating conditions. With independent output management system, it can connect to various CAD software standard files. 

Model TW-1800APH TW-2000APH TW-2200APH
Max printing width 1800mm 2000mm 2200mm
Medium width 1300-1900mm 1400-2100mm 1500-2300mm
Paper load Automatically olletandfeed paper system,Convenient and quickto printa lange number ofshortpiecesof marke,Reducingthe loadingpaper time
Drive mode High-Stepper Motor Drive
Type/ink cartridge Double Spurts Ink/ HP origin HP45 /6145AType/Continuous inksupply
DPI 150-600DPI
Printing speed 90m3/h
Command format HP-GL
Input voltage AC220V/60Hz Power no less than 400Wcan choose AC110)
Environmental requirement Temperature 10-35 Humidity PH15-85%(Without Condensation)
Software platform Windows2000以上Above Windows2000
Print head cleaning Automatic self cleaning function
Self-check function Self-testing procedures and the parameters saved to memory to control the situation of print,which can be set up to operate directly
Plotting Paper Drum-Type Marker Paper,CAD Drafting Paper(35- -60g)
Malfunction alarm The system performs a function diagnosis when the plotter is turned on. In the event of a fault, the plotter LED screen will display the fault code information, and the operator can solve the problem in time by referring to the manual.
Serial Communication Interface Network Printing/Serial RS232/U Disk Output
Buffer Capacity 9200kb
Operation And Display In Both Chinese and English Seting self-check,LED Display