Smittle perching preshinking fabric loose machine

Item No.: BW-2100FYM
It is suitable for inspection of wool printing dyeing knitting and woven fabrics
Description Specification
It is suitable for inspection of wool printing dyeing knitting and woven fabrics
Features : 

1,Meter wheel :It is used for calculating the length of cloth and can move up and down .When used press the meter wheel on the cloth of lamp-shade panel 
2,Display fabric length :Zero setting  is required at start time when each operate
3,High temperature steam link pipe .Pipe can feed into high temperature steam and ironed with cloth

4,Cloth delivery speed control button :the cloth delivery speed can be adjusted .This knob can be used to select the appropriate delivery speed.Cloth inspection switch :Switch 1 is cloth panel switch switch 2 is top cloth check switch
 5,Auri cloth inspection data acquisition system (optional system ) The cloth inspector installs this system and automatic reads the position information of the cloth the cloth inspector only needs to input the information of the defect automatic by clicking on the keyboard when he meets the defect and synchronized it with the computer software Complete cloth inspection print barcode and label cloth directly 

Characteristics :
 Multi-functional intelligent: set cloth inspection, pre-shrinking and setting, rolled cloth, sheet cloth, metering in one machine , speed flexible adjustable pre-shrinking cloth inspection machine selection frequency converter speed can be adjusted according to the cloth inspection, cloth rolled speed .

Automatic loosening protection: with loosening function, so that elastic fabric to avoid being elongated deformation, equipped with a high precision code, can accurately measure the length of cloth. Built in light boxes, all the lighting up and down

Easy and flexible operation: the cloth can be freely rolled back, re-inspection, configuration of the feeder and workbench, foot control convenient and flexible

model BW-2100FYM
Voltage 220V
Working area 2100mm
Shrinkage rate 200-500mm/min
Roller speed 0-3500mm/min
Pre reduced steam volume 30-60kg/H